Randy Settle - a native of Inman, SC - has been building floating docks for almost 40 years, teaching the trade along the way to many of his current competitors.  The docks built by Randy Settle and his sons Kyle, Ryan, and Clay are nicknamed "Joe McMillan docks".  Joe McMillan, who was a prisoner in the Korean War, began building docks on Lake Bowen after it was constructed in 1960.  After Joe retired from Wilkins-McMillan Lumber in Inman, he and Randy worked together at Settle Brothers, Inc.  Randy picked up the art of building high-quality floating docks from Joe, and he and his sons continue to build the same indestructible model today.

    Settle Docks serves Lake Bowen, Lake Cooley, Lake Blalock, Lake Lyman, Lake Greenwood, Lake Murray, and of course any privately-owned pond in the upstate.  Contact Randy today to get him started on a new dock for your waterfront property.

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